Armatrix Website Rentals

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A lot of people have never heard of ‘renting’ a website – it’s a new concept that I’d be happy to introduce you to.

First, let’s explore some of the problems with the traditional methods of buying, or building, a website for your business. Normally;

  • You spend a lot of time research and interview website designers, reviewing past projects for quality and success with search engines.
  • You pay a hefty deposit to a web design company and then spend a lot of time explaining how your business works, so that content can be written, then
  • You listen to proposals (which may as well be in Greek) of ‘how’ your website should be optimized, with no guaranteed results, at an additional upfront cost to you, then
  • You spend time taking photos to use on your website, sending them to a graphics designer for processing, which is both time consuming and costly.
  • Finally, you wait MONTHS for results which may never come.

When you follow that method, your website construction process can take several months. Further, you’ll pay thousands of dollars in upfront costs before seeing ANY results.

In the event you have a disagreement with your web design company, you’ll be left with nothing to show for your time and financial investment. Unfortunately this happens all the time, especially if the company is not delivering on schedule.


A website that is 90% complete, is 100% useless…


Another popular way to build a website is DIY – Don’t spend your time trying to do it yourself unless you have the all the skills of;

  • A Professional Writer,
  • A Graphics Designer,
  • A Web Designer,
  • A Search Engine Optimization Specialist, and
  • A Social Media Marketer,
  • As well as having A LOT of time on your hands.


Without all the required skill sets I’ve listed, a DIY or ‘bargain’ website will be deficient in one or more of the following areas;

  • Your website will lack influential written content – not being able to convert visitors into customers,
  • Your website will not have a professional appearance – lowering the status of your business in the eyes of your visitors,
  • Your website will not be formatted correctly – negatively impacting your visitors experience on some web browsers and mobile devices such as iPads,
  • Your website will not rank well with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo – not delivering the business you expect from your investment,
  • Your website will not integrate well with social media websites – preventing customers from recommending your business, and starving your site of quality social signals for optimization.


Armatrix rental websites are very different, solving ALL the problems business owners have with building a website. Armatrix rental websites are;

  • Pre-Loaded with professionally written content, specific to your industry and location,
  • Pre-Loaded with over 50 high quality images that will pique the interest of visitors,
  • Professionally designed and formatted to work well on ALL web browsers and mobile devices,
  • Professionally search engine optimized and ALREADY ranking well with Google, Bing and Yahoo,
  • Pre-Established with high quality social signals and configured with great social media plugins,


When you ‘rent’ a website from Armatrix, you simply ‘move-in’ to an established website. All of the hard work is already done for you. You don’t need to waste your time;

  • explaining your business to a laymen,
  • writing content,
  • taking photographs, or
  • waiting for your site to perform well with search engines.


When you ‘rent’ a website from Armatrix;

  • Your business name, logo and contact information are placed in ALL the appropriate areas of the site,
  • You also get two custom email addresses @ your rented URL,
  • You’re welcomed to write an ‘about us’ page to add a personal touch, or you could have the ‘about us’ page deleted and simply use the content provided by Armatirx.
  • We also connect your rented website to all your applicable social media accounts AND Google Places,
  • BEST OF ALL, there is NO COST to move in! You simply pay the first month’s rent!


Your monthly website rental fee is ‘all inclusive’ with no hidden fees or additional charges. Rental includes;

  • All hosting and domain registration fees,
  • Rental of the URL and content that has been customized to attract business for your company,
  • Two customized email addresses at your rented domain,
  • ALL the required Search Engine Optimization required to keep your website performing well in searches,
  • Plus, one hour of content customization per month.


With Armatrix, you can rent your website on a month-to-month basis, with no long term contracts being required. Our unique approach puts YOU in control, and makes us do our best to KEEP your business. Armatrix believes in a performance based system of website rental – if we’re not performing well, fire us!


Armatrix rental websites take all the risk and waiting out of getting a high quality website for your company. Act quickly if a rental website is available for your industry and city. Armatrix websites are only developed for specific industries, and only one website per industry will be permitted in a city.

Contact Armatrix today to inquire about availability and pricing.

Website rentals generally pay for themselves and provide you with a handsome profit from the immediate and steady business they generate.